Introducing our BRAND NEW Bento Three+. With three separate large sections, our Bento Three+ has been designed for older kids, adults, and little ones with a larger appetite! Pack a whole sandwich (crusts on!), rolls, wraps, or even croissants in the large section.

The divided leakproof* sections allow for fruits, veggies, crackers, or yogurt to be packed side by side.

If three compartments aren’t enough, we’ve got you covered! The Bento Three+ comes with two removable dividers, one for the larger compartment as well as one for either the small or medium compartment. This box is the perfect all-day lunch box. It has all the features of our best-selling Little LunchBox Co Bento Three but bigger size than Bento Three.

Bento Three+ are lightweight and compact. Weighing in at only 385g. It’s just over 30g heavier than the current Little Lunchbox Co Bento Three.

The seal is removable.It is easy to remove and install. 


1. 3 leak proof compartments

2. It comes with 2 removable dividers, one for the larger compartment and one for either of the two smaller compartments

3. Removable silicone seal

4. 385g , super light weight

5.  Dimensions - 20 x 20 x 6.2cm

6.  The large compartment will fit a sandwich with crusts on 

7.  Easy open latches that are interchangeable