Educational Toys


Tegu is a maker of magnetic blocks that are designed with purpose with the goal of creating the best building system out there.

Playing is learning. 

When a child plays their minds are opened to learn in new and exciting ways.

Toys get older quicker, piling up and cluttering more shelves. But Tegu wouldn't.

Tegu makes boundless play. Play new, again and again.

The very first "click-clack" of two blocks coming together sparks an instant magical discovery. There is no instructions in the packaging, you will find plenty of inspiration. Kids are the best people on earth at discovering more from less. Tegu blocks are made to expand a child's imagination. Where an adult sees a rectangular piece of wood, a child sees a train. Where a parent finds a magnet, a kid discovers a robot.

Tegu Blocks are thoughtfully designed to help kids face challenges with resourcefulness and creativity at their earliest stages of development. It helps in problem-solving, and ingenuity thrive.

Unique shapes, colours and mechanisms make the Tegu range appropriate for many ages.



LaQ (pronounced as La Kyuu) is a very simple, yet highly creative and tactile construction toy.

Its uniqueness comes from using just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 connector parts) to make an infinite possibility of creative 2D to 3D models. The sounds from connecting parts (Snap! And Click!) makes building a fun and satisfying experience.  LaQ allows kids to start with simple shapes, and then rapidly imagine and build their own creations. The largest sets have complex 3D models that challenge teenagers and adults alike.

LaQ pieces make a fun snapping noise when putting the pieces together. A child will know that the pieces are firmly connected with this snapping noise, and this “SNAP!” will encourage the child to continue creating a personal toy. Piecing together these parts are not only great fun, but helps a child learn how to concentrate through creative play.


Its simplicity, high quality, vibrant colours, and the tactile "snap and click" experience when connecting parts, make it fun and addictive.

LaQ toy encourages concentration, spatial ability and engineering skills. A great hidden benefit due to the low number of part types is that parts can be easily replaced - 1 lost piece doesn't matter! Finally all of the sets come with instructions to build multiple models  - ensuring hours of fun from building and rebuilding. 

The ideal is endless. Here is a video of how to create McQueen Cars with LaQ toy.