BeetBox Migrate Glass Lunch Bowl ~ Peacock ( Stock Clearance)

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Type: Lunch box

The stylist Glass Lunch Bowl ~ BeetBox Migrate.

BeetBox has been awarded as a Design Award Gold Winner by Good Design Australia. 

This is perfect lunch box for Adult and teenage.

Our 850ml Glass Lunch Bowl Peacock colourway, featuring black anodised aluminium lid and teal/teal neoprene sleeve.

Ultra thin tempered and tough glass. It's light weight and super easy to clean.

Spill proof and air tight with membrane seal.  

An airtight and spill-proof seal is achieved when BeetBox is inserted into  the neoprene sleeve.

  • Do NOT clean the aluminium lid in a dishwasher. Hand wash only.
  • Remove aluminium lid & internal stainless-steel containers before heating contents in microwave.
  • Place internal containers anywhere within bowl. Lid & membrane will seal separately.
  • Insert cutlery through stitched section on elastic straps for transit. Straps can also be used to store/hold additional food items (e.g. muesli bar, banana, etc.)