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This versatile Animal Palz Mini Pocket Sandwich Maker and Egg Mold Kit has so many ways to make your lunches, snacks, cookies and cakes so special!

BPA- Free , dishwasher safe , designed in USA

Egg Mold

Shape hard-boiled eggs – Panda, Bat, Monkey, and Sheep shapes


Pocket Sandwiches

Panda, Panda with Baby Panda, Monkey, Sheep, and Bat shapes.

Normal Sandwiches

The presses can be used on traditional (non-seal) sandwiches, as normal bread stamp.

Fun Toast

Give life to a sliced of bread, ready in seconds.
Press longer for cleared imprint.

Small Food Cup

After you’ve made your adorable lunch, the sealer and base can fit together to become a divider cup in your lunchbox!


Imprint fun Animal Palz characters into fruit that works great for parties and packed lunches.


Use as cookie cutter/cookie stamper

Easy to hold

Presses with easy-to-hold handle

With the 8 piece set you will get :


♥  Use to cut almost any food, including bread, sliced meats and cheeses, pancakes, thinly sliced fruit, cookie and pie dough, fondant or gum paste, and so much more!


♥  Combine with other parts of this kit, can be used to seal pocket sandwiches or mini pies; and mold hard boiled eggs, rice, hamburger, and more!


♥  Combine with other parts of this kit, can be used to mold hard-boiled eggs, or used as food cup.

Animal Imprint press plates

♥  (sheep, monkey, bat, and panda,) plus a bonus baby panda press!
– Easy to hold with handle
– You can use these to imprint on anything pliable enough, like pie or cookie dough, melon, eggs, and soft fresh bread (does not work well on drier or crumbly breads.) Or imprint onto rolled fondant or gum paste for cute cake or cupcake decorations! With a little food coloring and ingenuity, you can even use the press tools as food stampers!


  • To have a clean cutout, while pressing down, rotate cutter left and right, wiggling until bread is completely cut.
  • Cutting function works with most bread style. Firmer breads like seed or gluten-free breads are not ideal for stamping function.

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