Kokeshi Bento Big | Lolita Miki ( Honeydew)

Type: bento box


The Kokeshi Doll Lolita Bento Boxes are new designs in the immensely popular Kokeshi Bento family.

These bento boxes are made by Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan, exclusively for Bento&co

Product Description 

Mixing traditional and modern Japanese themes, the Lolita Miki Kokeshi Doll Bento represents a traditional Japanese doll dressed in Lolita fashion- a clothing style inspired by Victorian era dress that was first popularized in Japan. This 'big' bento is a larger version of our extremely popular 640 ml Kokeshi Bento Boxes.

The Kokeshi Doll Bento Boxes consist of 3 parts:

  • A two layered box featuring an upper compartment with a domed, leak-resistant inner lid.
  • An inverted bowl disguised as a cute headpiece for the kokeshi doll.

- Also includes an elastic bento band to hold everything together.

Product Details

L size


Size: 16 cm height and 11.5 cm diameter.
Capacity :
  • Bowl: 350 ml
  • Lower compartment: 350 ml 
  • Upper compartment: 500 ml 
    Total : 1200 ml (Nearly twice the size of the original!)

Materials : PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.

Product Care

The Kokeshi Bento Boxes are microwave safe with lids removed (3 min at 500W or 2 mn at 1000W) and dishwasher safe (make sure to remove the internal lids beforehand). We recommend using a mild dishwasher liquid soap (vs tablet) to avoid washing out the bento's outer print.

Made in Japan by Hakoya.