Kokeshi Bento Busho Big

Type: bento box

Here comes the Kokeshi General Busho: He is the strongest in the Kokeshi family and will be proud to carry your lunch - even the biggest ones!

Product Description 

A clever and super fun idea : Kokeshi Bento are unique, astonishing two-tier (plus a bowl) lunch-boxes shaped after Japanese traditional dolls. 

Let's now welcome Busho, who is a high ranked samurai in charge of protecting Princess Maihme - and your favorite dishes! You will love its golden color and funny expression. Moustache on!

Now let's not forget another great feature of the Kokeshi Maihime, something that we were all craving for: all together, the two compartments and the bowl (perfect for your instant ramen for instance) can hold lunches up to 1200 ml! This is a big improvement from the original size and you'll love it for your larger adult lunch!

Product Details


Dimensions : 16 cm (Height), 11,5 cm (Diameter)
Capacity : 350 ml (Bowl, lower compartment), 500 ml (Upper compartment). Total : 1200 ml (that's like two times the original size!)
Materials : PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.
Comes with their unique lunch-band to hold everything together!

The new Kokeshi can be put in the micro-wave  (3 min at 500W or 2 mn at 1000W) and are dish-washer safer (make sure to remove the internal lids beforehand). Might we recommend to use a dishwasher liquid soap (vs tablet) to avoid washing out your kokeshi prints :-)

Made in Japan by Hakoya.