by LaQ
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Explore poisonous and dangerous creatures with the 6-in-1 Venom set
Venom is a great intermediate set in the Animal World collection with the popular Redback Spider and Scorpion models. This set includes 330 pieces and comes with a booklet of instructions to make 6 fantastic models - King Cobra, Death Stalker, Redback Spider, Poison Dart Frog, Blue Ringed Octopus and the Rearing King Cobra!

The Animal World collection is a series to build and collect small, large and dangerous animals from the wild. There are mammals, reptiles, amphibians and avian species, and animals from all around the world. The Koala and Lion Mask (Wild Kingdom), Alligator (Alligator) are also popular, while others love the Tiger (Tiger) - what's your favourite?