by LaQ
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See if you can catch up to the 9-in-1 Black Racer set
The all new Black Racer set in the Hamacron Constructor collection, has been popular with those who love to make cool black vehicles. The Brain model is great fun to build, and catches everyone's eyes when on display!
This set includes 280 pieces, as well as 26 special Hamacron parts. The special Hamacron parts (large wheels + shafts, mini wheel + shafts) enable a wider variety of movement and building techniques. This set includes an instruction guide to make 9 models - The Brain has independently opening doors on both sides. The Caiman, Viper and Hawk have cockpit canopies that lifts open. Ibis has a pointer to change the angles of the tire for drift driving. The Spider has 8 outriggers that can be pulled in and out of the body. The Panther has built-in suspension. The Hippo has a sliding bed truck cover. The Bee has a rotating main rotor.

The award winning Hamacron Constructor collection includes vehicles of all shapes and sizes, with easy beginner models in the Mini range, through to intermediate sets such as the Fire Truck, Power Shovel, Black Racer, Race Car and Jet Fighter, and through to the Express set with its Carrier Car and showcase Locomotive steam engine. Each set has multiple land and air models for hours of enjoyment and challenge. Many of the vehicles have movable action, and demonstrate advanced LaQ building techniques using the special Hamacron Parts. People love playing and showing the models, or adding on extra features to make them even more awesome.