Lunch Punch Sporty Sandwich Cutter - 4 PACK ( NEW )


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Sporty™ set includes 4 cutters:

If they’d rather be playing ball than eating lunch. Lunchpunch can help them do both!

Introducing the new Sporty Set!

How to use

  • Use Fresh Bread. Soft, fresh bread works best.  Dry, old bread doesn’t go into the shape as well and is difficult to cut.
  • Use a cutting Board. Make sure your surface is 100% flat. Plates are not 100% flat, even though they often appear to be. If you have trouble cutting all the way through your sandwich the first step is to switch to a cutting board instead of a plate.
  • Press down firmly. Place BOTH hands on top of The Lunch Punch® and press straight down, hard into the sandwich. You will need to press down rather firmly.  Its not difficult, but give it a very big push down to begin with. Then if you need a little extra kick to make the cut all the way though…
  • Twist it back and forth a few times. Once you’ve pressed down as hard as you can then twist the cutter back and forth a few times. When you hear the plastic cutter scrapping on the cutting board you know it is cut completely through. The pressure and twisting you need to cut a sandwich may vary. Often the ease of the cut will depend on the sandwich fillings you use (example: peanut butter, obviously, being easier to cut than ham). 

The Lunch Punch is dishwasher safe. BPA Free, Lead Free & Phalate Free.

Both product and packaging are 100% recyclable. 


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