Panda Condiment Cup

Type: condiments

2 Panda sets included. Japanese Bento Condiment Mayo Cups or used them as Ketchup Containers. Cute and attractive Panda die cut face designs. Mini spoon included. 

Choose from one of the two different sized pandas and fill it with whatever dip or condiment you love the most. Kewpie mayo if serving sushi. Tomato sauce for little frankfurter sausages. Or fill with a little treat like a couple of spoon full of chocolate mousse or a small handful of choc buttons!

Each condiment cup includes a handy spreading paddle

Pack of 2

Approximate Size (measure without mini spoons)
- 22 ml (2.00 x 1.75 in. wide x 1.50 in. deep)
- 13 ml (1.75 x 1.50 in. wide x 1.25 in. deep)