Piyo Piyo Slip-Proof Three-Section Dining Plate

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The durable Slip-Proof Three-Section Dining Plate is designed to assist babies in learning to self-feed. Featuring slip-proof grips on the sides and base, this three-sectioned plate’s deep rim makes it easier for babies to direct food from plate to mouth.

• Won’t easily tip over or slide
• Three sections allow for feeding multiple food at once
• Easy to clean

• Body: P.P.
• Slip-proof Handle: T.P.R.
• Suction Disc: T.P.R.

Size (L x W x H):
• 25 cm x 14 cm x 3.5 cm (9.8 in x 5.5 in x 1.3 in)

Cold/heat resistant: 
• P.P.: -20°C ~ 120°C 
• T.P.R.: -20°C ~ 80°C 

The plate is microwave safe, but do not put the suction disc into the microwave.

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