We Might Be Tiny ~Stickie Plate Lids ~ 3 designs ( NEW)

Type: Feeding

Your Stickie Plate has finally found its perfect match – the Lid that seals in freshness, saves you from messy microwave incidents and transforms your Stickie Plate into a universal mealtime wonder.

  • BPA-FREE: Food-safe silicone, independently tested and BPA-free
  • FROSTED SILICONE: Peek through to see what's stored inside
  • GREAT FOR RE-HEATING: Heat food in the microwave without splatters [don't forget to loosen the lid so heat can escape!]
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply rinse or throw in dishwasher
  • DIVIDED SECTIONS: Each section is divided so when your food is stored in the fridge, smells and tastes are kept separate!
Simply fit the Lid to your Stickie Plate and pop it in the fridge or freezer for any left over. Peek through the frosted Lid to refresh your memory before reheating the foodie delights mess-free in the microwave. Just lift the lid slightly and off you go!

Love to take your Stickie Plate to café outings? Stickie Plate Lids let you hide the mess until you’re back home so your dishwasher can deal with it.

Lids are made from the highest quality food-safe silicone.

Note: Stickie Plate sold separately