Perfect for whole family

Yumbox Original 

6-compartment Yumbox is perfect for young children (toddlers-age 8).

Perfect for picky eaters. This compact lunch box offer offers variety and promotes healthy eating habits. 
You may either pack bite size sandwiches or small portions of your child’s favourite foods. Great for young children. 

Yumbox Panino

Yumbox Panino is your lunch time go-to for kids of all ages and adults.

Love crust on? Why not! You may pack a sandwich with crusts on, salads, sides and snacks all in one box.

Yumbox Panino holds more food for growing kids and adults. Compact size lunch box
perfect for school and work. Compact lunch box that help you pack balanced healthy diet in a minute.


Yumbox Tapas

NEW !! Yumbox Tapas for active pre-teens, teens and adults.

4 or 5 compartment. You decide ! The tray is interchangeable. Pack a nutritious lunch for work, school, sports and travel. Each set comes with a 4 or 5 compartment tray. You may purchase a spare tray for more variety. 


Yumbox MiniSnack

NEW! Yumbox MiniSnack 3-compartment snack box. Perfect for anyone that packs healthy snacks.

It offers variety and promotes healthy eating habits.
Its compact size and illustrated tray makes every snack time an adventure in good nutrition. Great for toddler and kindle kids. Great choice for morning tea box too.

Pair your Yumbox with an insulated lunch bag and a cooling panel to keep your lunch cool all day long.