Frank Green

With honest approach to sustainability – reducing single-use waste by reimagining cups and bottles.

Innovative reusable cup that are stylish, functional and great for our environment. The kind you want to carry with you. They are SmartCups and SmartBottles.

The mix and match of bold colours, tonal hues and soft pastels. Ideal for the minimalist, the maximalist, or anyone in between.

Next Generation VISA PayWave Frank Green Cup

From the first coffee of the day to the last, and everything in between, simply pay with a wave of your next generation Visa payWave smart product by frank green!
Be one of the first in the world to get a Visa payWave enabled SmartCup or SmartBottle and pay for anything, anywhere under $50.
Stainless Steel Smart Cup and Stainless Steel bottle

The new Stainless Steel Range comes with vacuum insulated, double-walled SmartBottle and SmartCup keeps you warm on those cold, early morning commutes and cools you down when you venture off the beaten track.

When something works so well, you don't let it go.