Entire Bag Freezes . Chills like a fridge.

Fold up, Freeze , Pack & Go!

No ice packs needed.

PackIt is the only bag that chills like a fridge and keeps healthy food fresh for up to 10 hours. The secret is its patented freezable gel liner. Once the bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air t hat chill from all sides. The bag also flattens for convenient, easy storage in your freezer.


How it works 

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags and PackIt Vertical Lunch are a clever alternative to conventional lunch boxes. These soft shelled, food-grade, non-toxic freezable lunch and snack bags don't use ice packs, so they conveniently fold into backpacks & gyms bags for school, work, or outings. Just freeze, unfold, pack and go. They keep food and drink cool and fresh for up to 10 hours - and the zip keeps moisture inside and the outside dry.