Bento Surprise Boxes STAR ~ 8 designs

Type: Food cup
Our BRAND NEW Bento Surprise Boxes are a great way to add an element of fun to a lunchbox! Additionally, they are a great add-on to our Bento Boxes to increase your cart values with low postage and package.

Add an element of SURPRISE to the kids' lunches with our Bento Surprise Boxes! The kids will be delighted to open up their Bento to find a hidden treat. Is it Fruit or is it Sweet?

Designed to be just the right size to fit inside our Bento lunch boxes these cute little boxes are a fun way to surprise your kids with their favourite foods, the options for delighting them really are endless. The best news is they’re easy-open lids are watertight so they're also perfect for adding sauces or dips to lunch boxes.

Each set contains 2 Bento Surprise Boxes