LaQ Sweet Collection Dreams

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by LaQ
Type: LaQ

Create a whole world to play with the 15-in-1 Dreams set
Dreams is a popular large intermediate set in the Sweet Collection, and with a larger number of pieces to inspire any kind of creation. It also comes with a special LaQ headband part that is incredibly popular for making your wearable accessories. This set includes 630 pieces and comes with a handy pink plastic storage case for playing on-the-go. This set comes with a booklet of instructions to make 15 models including Kitty's Pastry Shop, Happy Kitchen, Sleepy Kitten, Friends in the Forest, Daisy Basket and other fun models!

The Sweet Collection is filled with kawaii (Japanese for cute!), pretty models to make your own personal jewellery, floral decorations, cute animals to enable open-ended imaginative building and play. The instruction models are just the starting point for inspiration to create any type of object and character in your imaginary world.