Montii Bento Dip & Sauce Box ( 4 colours)

Type: Food cup

Our dip & sauce boxes are a must-have for lunch boxes! Kids will be delighted to open up their Bento to find these fun, brightly coloured pots.

Designed to be just the right size to fit inside all our Bento Lunch Boxes, these game-changing containers are LEAKPROOF! That means they're perfect for packing dips, dressings, sauces and more.

These watertight boxes have easy-open lids for little and big kids to add dressings or toppings later, which keeps salads or crispy and crunchy foods from going soggy! Not just for liquids, use these boxes to store foods like berries, yoghurt drops and even lollies!

These boxes are a great fit for most of our Bento Boxes. Perfect fit for Bento Two, Bento Three and Bento Five.