OmieBox Up - Graphite

Type: Lunch box

The OmieBoxUp is the snack size version of OmieBox.  

Omiebox Up comes with a removable thermal jar, the thermal jar is bigger size (350ml) than the thermal jar of original OmieBox (250ml). Omeibox Up has two deep compartments, one for thermal jar and another compartment with ice pack sitting under the tray. It comes with a removable divider too. 

You can keep hot and cold food all in one compact designed Bento Box. 

This innovative design help you to pack healthier lunches with varieties for younger kids. It remains some features of the original Omiebox but in smaller and compact size.  Easy open and close lid. Deep compartments for easy packing. Pack liquid food in the vacuum seal thermal jar only, dry food in the side compartment.

Cleaning instruction for Omiebox Up - 

Dishwasher safe: Divider, Lid Seal, Tray, Gasket and Outer Casing Box.

Hand wash only: Thermos, Thermos lid, Securing Insert and Ice Pack

Dimension: 21.5 x 14 x 7.6 cm. 

Weight: 970g 

Termal jar capacity: 350ml

Comparison between Omiebox Up and OmieBox V2