Green Essential Sustain-a-bento TRIO

Type: Lunch box

Large and sturdy completely stainless steel lunchbox with three generous sized compartments totalling 1800ml with a tightly fitted lid. Fit for a healthy appetite and perfect for all kinds of foods including sandwiches, dry snacks, fruit, crackers.

The container’s sturdy lid clip-snap seals the contents securely but contains no silicon for leak proof qualities. The sturdy lid keeps the contents in snugly but has no roll-clips for extra secure closure if for example it is bounced around loosely.



* Length: 23cm

* Width: 17.2cm

* Height: 7.2cm

* Total Volume: 1800mL


Ideas for your Sustain-a-Bento Trio:

* Large compartment: Double servings of sandwiches and wraps.

* Snack compartments: Fruit, sushi, crackers, nuts and nibbles.


* Food Grade Stainless Steel    * Durable    * Reusable    * Zero Waste

* Non Toxic   * Non Leaching   * Plastic Free   * Hygienic

* Dishwasher Safe


Care Instructions:

* Hand wash or place in top draw of dishwasher.

* Not insulated, not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in ovens.

* Not 100% leak proof.