6 Great Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

6 Great Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

6 Great Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Fish Sandwiches 

In honour of Japanese Children's Day that takes place on May 5, mama Susan of Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook made her son these adorable fish sandwiches.

For this cute and quick lunch, she made this sandwich with an oat bran hamburger bun, mozzarella and olives for the eyes, cheese for the gills and heart-shaped carrots for the tails. For the coluorful final touch, she includes a couple of strawberries and a cherry tomato. 


Little Monsters

This Domokun bento box lunch featured on Happy Little Bento is so cool. My little one absolutely love it.

This little brown, open mouthed monster is well known as the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station. Mama at Happy Little Bento made Domukun sandwich using rye bread with grapes for eyes, mozzarella cheese for the teeth and a plum for the mouth. Also included in this awesome bento box: peaches, nectarines, grapes, raspberries, snap peas, broccoli and carrots.


Little Turkey Sandwich

We love this cartoonish little turkey featured on Cute Food For Kids and as a bonus, it's a simple and quick to make!

Let Mama Tiffany gives us an excellent walk through for the full scoopity-doopity! Simply cut with shaped white and yellow cheese, nori, and a red pepper wattle, this cute turkey is accompanied by some gorgeous apple slices that have been cut to resemble leaves. 

 Rudolph Sandwich

We love this Rudolph bento box lunch idea shown on Lian Mama Obento!

It is pretty darn hard to resist this cute little rudolph. To make this sandwich, you starts with a ham smile, hotdog ears, eyes and cheeks made from cheese, and the most important part -- a shining bright red strawberry nose!

 Flower bento

This gorgeous flower bento certainly will be everyone favourite, offering bite sized flower sandwich with cheese and blossoms made out of orange slices.  This flourishing lunch featured on Alpha Mom is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters with its variety of textures and colours. It almost looks too good to eat! 

Chicken Burrito Bento

Another fun idea from Happy Little Bento for Easter eats, this cute little egg-cellent bunny sure does have plenty to smile about when it comes to this bento box! Offering up a burrito surrounded by fresh veggies with a carrot patch on top and colourful fruits at the side.