Melbourne Mums Group special review & tips for Bentgo Kids. June 20, 2016 09:00

" Melbourne Mums, if you are conscious about preparing healthy lunches and snacks for your little ones, and welcome the idea of a "zero waste" lunchbox, you need to know about Bambino Love. "

" The Melbourne based online store specialises in high quality, environmental friendly, easy to use kids lunch products, which make meal times fun and enjoyable for your little people. "

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Bentgo Kids -our very popular leak proof lunch box is great for kids lunch on the go. Great idea from OCMumBlog. She placed the tray in the freezer overnight, and then adding the food to the chilled tray in the morning keeps the food cold until lunchtime. Worth a try ! Get the leak proof bento style lunch box at Bambino Love.

Bambino Love: Eco Lunch Products for Kids June 17, 2016 07:04

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Make waste free kids lunches fun


Bambino Love products are not only fun and convenient, but also help parents create a zero waste lunch for pre-school and school. 

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