Montii Fusion Universal Insulated Base 700ml ( 6 colours)

Type: Drink bottle

Introducing our 700ml Universal Insulated Base - the coolest companion for all your sips and swigs! This size is just right for primary school aged kids, grown ups and everyone in between - the perfect all rounder to fill with your favourites.

Choose a Sipper Lid or Flask Lid (or both!) to suit your style - whether you're a slow-sipper or a speedy-gulper. But wait, there's more! These bases aren’t just a one-trick pony. Designed to be multi-purpose, choose a Smoothie Lid  and a smoothie S/S straw or smoothie silicone straw to transform your base into the ultimate smoothie sidekick!


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Kid-Approved
  • Adult-Friendly
  • Sized just right for school days, at your desk or on the go hydration
  • 24 hours cold turn up the chill factor with our double-wall insulation
  • Built tough from Stainless Steel
  • Wide mouth design for ice cubes of all shapes and sizes
  • Zero condensation whatever the weather
  • Switch up your base with your favourite colour accessories
  • The base that can do it all - effortlessly switch between our universal lids
  • No nasties here - this base is 100% Lead and BPA Free

Dimensions: 7.3cm x 27.6cm

Wide mouth opening: 5.5cm

Capacity: 700ml